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Default A twist and a turn

So relaxing in the local Coffee dive this afternoon, reading my favorite local rag, I can across this:
AOC thinks white supremacy is behind climate change

The good misterDanish Starts with:
A couple weeks ago Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) claimed that climate change is linked to, wait for it, white supremacy.

She also claimed that the way we can combat climate change is by “honoring indigenous wisdom.”

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez spoke at a rally for Bernie Sanders held during a Climate Change Summit at Drake University in Des Moines. Here’s her full quote:

“The way we inoculate ourselves from continuing to burn up our planet at unsustainable level triggering feedback loops that we have not even begun to comprehend is by honoring indigenous wisdom and allowing it to guide our climate policy.

“The way that we preserve our systems is by transitioning to principles of universality, that means I want you clothed, I want you educated, I want you paid a living wage — no ifs, ands, or buts. And what that also means… is directly, consciously, combating white supremacy in the United States of America.”

She also took a shot at “consultants” who encourage climate activists to focus on the technical solutions to climate change instead of social justice.

“Just worry about solar panels, leave the social justice stuff behind,” she said of their advice. “Race makes everything complicated.”

Well, Mr Danish omitted a bit of what she said that probably is even more relevant

She said: "At this moment when the climate crisis becomes impossible to deny ... at this very moment these figures who are so expert at the art of spreading division" are rising, she said. "I believe that we all know on the cellular level that there’s something deeply wrong with our common home," and she accused the right of exploiting that fear with the message, "We will protect you against the other."

"Do we think it is a coincidence that these two fires are raging at the exact same time? And as these strongmen turn their populations against each other, that frees them up for the real business at hand which is pillaging the" earth. "We cannot win this fight without battling white supremacy."
He goes on to rattle about all the inventors of really cool shit were White guys, and somehow connects all of that to Capitalism vs Socialism. trying to make Rep. Ocasio-Cortez seem to too silly to understand how big a deal Capitalism is and how much of a failure Socialism is, giving, of course, the Soviet Union as the final example of failed Socialism.

There is so much wrong with this type of "journalism" that it makes one's head spin.
Control is an illusion. The chaos is part of the fun.
-Susan Hatty Steinsapir
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