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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

davidm: Bear in mind that I predicted, in this forum, in January 2016, that Drumpf would be elected president ...
erimir: On the other hand, davidm also predicted that Trump would not appoint Scalias. ... And that his administration would not attack LGBT rights.
davidm: Actually, you little lying liar, I did not predict any of those things.

This then is the form of language lil' david uses when he's predicting stuff:
Originally Posted by davidm View Post
I now think that he is likely to be elected president.
... whereas this is the form of language he uses when he isn't:
Originally Posted by davidm View Post
I will add that I think Trump, if elected, will do nothing to impede gay or transgender rights and will not appoint Scalias to the Supreme Court.
... and you are a liar if you can't see the difference between them. A LIAR!

... it's just an idea
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