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An Introduction to Zoology:  Chapter 1
An Introduction to Zoology: Chapter 1
Published by The Lone Ranger
Default Introduction

An Introduction to Zoology

Chapter One: Classification, Taxonomy, Phylogenies, and the Diversity of Life

I thought it might be fun to start a series of articles on the subject of Zoology. In it, we’ll look at the diversity of animal life on the planet. Hopefully, it’ll prove to be an interesting subject.

We’ll start out with some general concepts, such as what phylogenies are and how organisms are classified. Once that’s done, we’ll discuss what, exactly, makes an organism an “animal.” We’ll also discuss the terminology used in the field of zoology. Finally, once all of the relevant introductory material has been dealt with, we’ll get into the meat and bones of the articles – the various animal groups, their characteristics, and what makes each of them interesting and unique.


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