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An Introduction to Zoology:  Chapter 3
An Introduction to Zoology: Chapter 3
Published by The Lone Ranger
Default Introduction

An Introduction to Zoology

Chapter Three: Anatomical Terminology and a History of Animal Life:

Anatomical Terminology:
The science of morphology is the study of the form and construction of organismsí bodies, especially how organismsí bodies are shaped. A subset of morphology is anatomy which refers to the positions and arrangement of the various structures that make up an organismís body.

When describing regions of an animalís body or the positions of body structures, we use a number of paired technical terms. One thing thatís important to remember is that most of these terms are relative, and make sense only when youíre using them to make comparisons. For instance, it makes no sense to say ďthe elbow is proximal.Ē You must specify what itís proximal to.


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