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Default Re: Weird Dream(s)

Maybe your baby ate a dingo!
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Default Re: Weird Dream(s)

I was at a fair or something in a small local town but as is often the case in dreams, it turned out it was actually Paris. There was a stand with a person (DJ?) where you could choose a sort of game by pushing one of several buttons. I took one that was called "fight the synthesizer" or something very similar.

I got a microphone and my voice was transformed by some sort of delay, pitch adjustment, distortion and other effects into a piece of music that evolved as I sang the notes. It sounded really amazing, but I can't remember it exactly. The goal seemed to be to get the timing right and achieve a sort of resonance effect with the beat. It was different from karaoke in that you created your own song from scratch, without a template.

What was more weird was that with that resonance effect, I started to swing around in circles on a rope or line which was also the microphone cord. When I really got the beat going, I was maybe 10-15 meters off the ground, holding on to the microphone and going around fast in circles with a similar radius. It was awesome and nonsense at the same time.

After I woke up, I was thinking about building something like this, maybe minus the carousel part.
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Default Re: Weird Dream(s)

I was at some sort of shop or bake sale where they were selling these cakes decorated with reproductions of old masters style paintings done in colored sugars. I don't even care about or like decorated cakes most of the time because they're all loud and cheesy looking and because fondant doesn't even taste good, but these were really beautiful and subdued.

So now I really, really want to do that, but it's exactly the sort of thing I usually suck at, because I am a pretty sloppy kind of guy.

Can someone else please make me some cakes like this?
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