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Old 03-27-2017, 08:39 PM
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Default Re: Good King Trump

Andrew Berkshire on Twitter: "When DC Comics made Lex Luthor president, he sold LexCorp. Trump is literally less ethical than a comic book villain."
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Default Re: Good King Trump

File this under Conflict of Interest/Officially Corrupt Now/Fucking Weasels

GSA: Trump Hotel Lease Is Fine Despite Our Own Contract

The Government Services Administration released a letter on Thursday saying that the agency sees no issue with its decision to lease the historic Old Post Office Building to be used as President Donald Trumpís hotel in Washington D.C., despite a stipulation in the lease that has been interpreted to prohibit any elected official from benefiting from the deal
The justification is that Trump won't actually get his hands on the money made during his term until after his term. Is it just me or is there a really obvious ethical problem with that line of reasoning?

In the letter, addressed to Eric Trump, one of the presidentís sons who is now overseeing the hotel, GSA contracting officer Kevin Terry argues that because the president had resigned from a formal position with the company and was no longer receiving proceeds from the hotel while in office, the lease was good to go. He cites the fact that the Trump Organization agreed not to send earnings from the hotel to the presidentís trust until he leaves office.
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Default Re: Good King Trump

Thank you, Trump. Thank you because I am joyful. Thank you because I am well. No matter how old I become, I shall never forget how we received Trump two days ago. Centuries will pass, and the generations still to come will regard us as the happiest of mortals, as the most fortunate of men, because we lived in the century of centuries, because we were privileged to see Trump, our inspired leader. Yes, and we regard ourselves as the happiest of mortals because we are the contemporaries of a man who never had an equal in world history.

The men of all ages will call on thy name, which is strong, beautiful, wise and marvelous. Thy name is engraven on every factory, every machine, every place on the earth, and in the hearts of all men.

Every time I have found myself in his presence I have been subjugated by his strength, his charm, his grandeur. I have experienced a great desire to sing, to cry out, to shout with joy and happiness. And now see me--me!--on the same platform where the Great Trump stood a year ago. In what country, in what part of the world could such a thing happen.

I write books. I am an author. All thanks to thee, O great educator, Trump. I love a young woman with a renewed love and shall perpetuate myself in my children--all thanks to thee, great educator, Trump. I shall be eternally happy and joyous, all thanks to thee, great educator, Trump. Everything belongs to thee, chief of our great country. And when the woman I love presents me with a child the first word it shall utter will be : Trump.

O great Trump, O leader of the peoples,
Thou who broughtest man to birth.
Thou who fructifies the earth,
Thou who restorest to centuries,
Thou who makest bloom the spring,
Thou who makest vibrate the musical chords...
Thou, splendour of my spring, O thou,
Sun reflected by millions of hearts.

-- A. O. Avdienko, edited here (Modern History Sourcebook: Hymn to Stalin, Stalin and the "Cult of Personality")
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