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Default Re: Good King Trump

Originally Posted by davidm View Post
There is no reason why a state like California, which has the seventh-largest world economy, should have to put up with the Red-State yahoos who depend upon the taxes of the residents of California and other blue states, the exact opposite of how Red State residents, force-fed Fox News propaganda, think things really are!
This is quite true when it comes to residents but California can really be separated out into residents and corporations. Many corporations are oh so happy with what the republicans do for them, or in many cases what they prevent the democrats from doing. Our poor labor laws benefit many silicon valley startups quite happily. Hell Uber's entire businessmodel hinges on the idea that none of their drivers work 'for them' and thus don't get the same rights and considerations as people who do.

Even when the republican party is doing things they don't like, this large economy sitting mostly in the hands of corporations does what lots of money does to lots of people, like that Kanye West fella, it insulates and corporations see this more as weathering a stupid storm than any reason to truely revolt.

As far as general residents, then yes, we really should question why we keep giving money to these states that then bully us around, make us the enemy and go against their own stated beliefs of states rights when it suits them.
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Default Re: Good King Trump

Originally Posted by davidm View Post
The rot is a virus attacking facts, truth, and rationality itself — and not just among his yahoo supporters. We have seen it here on this forum, where the New York Times, which Trump despises and unceasingly attacks, has been repeatedly characterized as a Vichy collaborator of Trump!
Ironically, this is pretty much the only claim you make that isn't a blatant lie. The Man has called the NYT the Vichy NYT, sure. This is, of course, a subjective judgment of whether their coverage is too soft on him. Much like it was a subjective judgment that "the resistance" (and presumably I, as the starter of that thread) were the equivalent of "Petainists". I didn't see you complaining about that one, of course.
We see it in the claim that The Times, and other news outlets, should not have done their duty-bound job and reported the news
This is a lie.
incredibly, the claim that news outlets should not have reported Comey’s announcement that he was reopening the Clinton e-mail probe
This is indeed incredible, because it is not believable, because it did not happen and is a lie.

There is a reason davidm won't be quoting me saying that.
should not have reported that Rosenstein talked about wearing a wire while talking to Trump
This is also inaccurate but I'm willing to extend the benefit of the doubt that davidm is just being uncharitable rather than blatantly lying (since he has been corrected multiple times on the prior claim, so he ought to know it is definitely a lie). The criticism was about the content and manner of their reporting, not whether it would be newsworthy at all.
the implicit and breathtaking claim that everything, everywhere, should be based on an empire of lies.
This is an amazing level of projection.
The minority vote is now enshrined on the Supreme Court with two justices appointed by this filthy monster in the White House, the second of whom is beyond the pale for reasons not even worth rehashing.
See, now, I'm not going to passive-aggressively reference your past arguments, or mischaracterize what you said. I will directly quote you, because I'm not a liar projecting accusations of dishonesty.
Originally Posted by davidm View Post
I will add that I think Trump, if elected, [...] will not appoint Scalias to the Supreme Court.
You seem to wildly swing from thinking Trump was possibly (probably?) not as bad as Clinton, to using the fact of her popular vote victory being paired with Trump's election now meaning our only viable response is secession and, the very probable result of that, civil war and massive economic dislocation.

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