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Default Re: Trumphole starts another fucking fire

“Bin Salman and the United Arab Emirates are trying to strangle Jordan’s economy until it agrees to their terms, submit to their leadership in the region, and agree to Trump’s so-called ‘ultimate deal’,” Jordanian member of parliament Wafa Bani Mustafa told Al Jazeera last week.

Rami Khouri, professor in the American University of Beirut, has clarified that al-Masri is a “massive figure in Jordan and Palestine.”

“The Jordanian government, when it needs money, turns to the Arab Bank to get some advances (…) So this is a massive sign that Saudi Arabia is sending to Jordan, that ‘we are prepared to rattle your whole economic structure’, and to the Palestinians as well, where Masri is a leading investor (…)
This is basically another move by Mohammed bin Salman, who effectively runs the country, to bring Jordan and Palestine in line with the Saudi wishes to have a close working relationship with Israel and the US to push through an alleged peace plan (…) an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement (…)
Everybody who has looked into this and heard about what it contains … says that this is a totally unrealistic, one-sided Israeli deal that has been pushed by the Americans and now supported by the Saudis,” professor Khouri explained in an interview with Al-Jazeera.
Economic war: Top Palestinian businessman arrested in Saudi Arabia
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