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Default Re: Only in Oklahoma...

Originally Posted by Dingfod View Post
Conservative Republican, anti-marijuana, family values Oklahoma state senator caught in motel room with teenage boy smoking marijuana and possibly more. Charges may be brought, but the state senate didn't wait, they've suspended him.

State senator investigated after teenage boy found in his hotel room, DA says - Tulsa World: Crimewatch
Stolen from elsewhere:

Police in Oklahoma are saying that a State Senator, Ralph Shortey, has been caught in a hotel room with an under-aged boy. More information here: State Senate removes Ralph Shortey's privileges amid investigation into motel stay with boy - Tulsa World: Capitol Report

What kind of representative is Senator Shortey? Well, according to his record:

He is a Republican (surprise!)
He is at the forefront of keeping human fetal tissue out of the food supply. (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/nati...uses-food.html)
He is the author of a bill to (Senate Bill 512) that will overturn parts of a voter approved initiative to lighten criminal penalties for recreational drug use. Who cares what the people want? (Oklahoma senator files bill to change voters’ criminal justice reform decision | KFOR.com)
Notice in the previous article it mentions his efforts to deny citizenship to children born in Oklahoma whose parents are not citizens, and to confiscate homes and cars of illegal immigrants.
Tried to pass a law to stop federal courts from reviewing Oklahoma state laws. (Sooners to Supreme Court: Stop Minding Oklahoma Business? - U.S. Supreme Court)
He is a birther, of course. (Oklahoma Birther Bill One Step Closer to Becoming Law | Mother Jones)
He is a supporter of the 2nd amendment and your right to protect yourself from turkeys (the bird, not the country - Oklahoma State Senator Justifies Need For Open Carry Gun Law Due To Threat From Wild Turkeys)
He was then candidate Trump's local chair person (Oklahoma Republicans divided on Donald Trump | KFOR.com) - quote of the day about Trump, "He is not owned by anybody." (He forgot to add "comrade" at the end of that...)

More details about his record here: Ralph Shortey - Ballotpedia
That's quite the impressive clownshoe you got there. Remember the good old days when they'd just be caught soliciting sex from other consenting adults in an airport bathroom?
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