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Default Re: What's up with you?

Originally Posted by Stephen Maturin View Post
The Adrian Belew Power Trio - featuring guitar god Adrian Belew (of Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, and King Crimson fame), bassist Julie Slick and drummer Tobias Ralph - is coming here on 3/14. :hyper: I had no idea Belew still toured, and this comes as an extraordinarily pleasant surprise.
It's hard to describe adequately how great this show was. The best evidence lies in the fact that even Mr. Pee enjoyed herself a great deal.

Belew is as good as he was 35 years ago, and his bassist and drummer are the best you've never heard of. The tickets were dirt cheap by contemporary standards, so anyone who's at all interested can and should check it out if the band heads your way.

The sound quality of these goddamn YouTube vids never does the real thing justice, but here's the encore number from a show earlier this month.

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Default Re: What's up with you?

My son played in the 8th grade Jazz band, and I took a video of it - and I forgot to record the sound. :deepsigh:

(I turn off sound recording when I do microscope videos, and totally forgot about turning it back on.)

:sadcheer: :sadnana:
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Default Re: What's up with you?

Ever have one of those days?

Bang the Drum All Day (By Todd Rundgren) - GO PACK GO! - YouTube
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Default Re: What's up with you?

Reframe, your son is an avante guard performing artist. He mimics the motions of life and jazz, the music of the soul but the lack of sound represents how he's really empty inside. Ground breaking stuff really.
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