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Old 03-08-2017, 05:01 PM
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Default Re: History geekodrome

See the secret Knights Templar caves beneath a Shropshire field | Shropshire Star

From the linkThe Caynton Caves, hidden in dense woodland near Shifnal, were apparently carved out of sandstone by followers of the Knights Templar.

... it's just an idea
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Default Re: History geekodrome

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Default Re: History geekodrome

A Roman Sarcophagus Is Rescued from Humble Duty as a Flower Pot - NYTimes.com

I mean it's not like they were using it anymore, plus it'll match the exterior.
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Default Re: History geekodrome

Radical motets from a 16th-century nunnery | Music | The Guardian

A newly unearthed collection of choral music is unlike any other music of its time. Who composed it? All the evidence points to the youngest daughter of Lucrezia Borgia

The article also has some of the songs via Soundcloud. Amazing.

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Default Re: History geekodrome

Sometimes you herp a derp, sometimes the derp herps you.

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Default Re: History geekodrome

This week's track: Soundgarden - Boot Camp

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