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The official TURCO Islamic terrorists are putting a wild play on scene there. They are the same persons who've assassinated the Russian Ambassador as they stabbed the Russian Pilot at back. They are taught by Turkish Ayatollah GULEN how to be secret Muslim terrorists, and trained by the dictator Caliph/President of Turkey how to kill the little babies of the innocent folkS. And yet their full education in vandalism would be based on the Inhuman Ideology of the Ottoman Sultans or rather the enemies of the civilisation. Ottoman Vandals have hanged-in the last century of The Ottoman Empire-an Arab thinker Abdullah bin Saudi, just before 186 years in Istanbul. They-TURCO Islamic terrorists and those of DAESH/D AHRAM Al SHAM who are dealing with the exhibition of a put up fight against each other-were seemingly well trained in pulling off tricks-as Turkey's Caliph/President's false calling in the fraud to name D AHRAM Al SHAM as DEASH instead of pronouncing it as DEASH. They all are fraud, officially planned assassination, and to make Gulf Arabs-like Kuwait-Jews, Russians and American worn out by the tricks of The New Ottoman Empire of Turkish Ayatollah GULEN and Turkey's dictator caliph president! Mama: Here you're a real briefing prepared to narrate the brief history and recent picture of The Ottoman Empire and the New Ottoman-a semi clan consisting of Maoist/KEMALIST aggressive elements, TURCO Islamic terrorists and fake secular tricksters...Now try and hear me liberal comrades, my honeys. (Hands the official document like files to the old man who seems having got enough experiences in the matter discussed.) Lads thank as if handing briefing direction to the hands of the old man ): Thank you. Of course thanks to everybody who would like to share our thanksgiving today! Mom: My relationship with SOLZH daddy taught me the way of thanksgiving although it is different from yours. The children or rather the friends of AYLAN KURDI: You're umpteen years older than us and always had to carry a bigger load of the responsibilities than we ever had to carry; we never carried a thing in our life but plays. Mama: My boys and girls, will you let me talk, please? The Children: Yes, the angel with honey aroma. Mama: Now, the Mideast soils arable from the point of plantation's a mighty big thing to run. But we are to battle Islamic Terror backed by Turkey Vulture. Everybody: For thirty years Ayatollah GULEN directed secretly TURCO Islamic-secret-terror almost single-handed! And yet recently The caliph/president of his beloved country is the director of the evil...
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