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Old 08-11-2023, 10:08 PM
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Default Re: Ensign Steve waxes philosophical on the Singularity, a thrad by Ensign Steve

Hold on to your Robotaxi butts! SF just expanded the robotaxi service to all across the city 24/7 for GM’s Cruise and Google Spin off Waymo’s autonomous vehicles. Both have been operating in limited fashion for a year or so now, mostly out in the sunset, but now we get to see what happens when they wander downtown.

Cruise and Waymo approved to operate robotaxi services in San Francisco despite safety concerns | NBC news

And speaking of grabbing butts…

People Are Having Sex in Robotaxis. Nobody Is Talking About It
SF Standard As autonomous vehicles become increasingly popular in San Francisco, some riders are wondering just how far they can push the vehicles’ limits—especially with no front-seat driver or chaperone to discourage them from questionable behavior.

For some, that’s a welcome invitation to test the autonomous vehicles’ limits. Megan, a woman in her 20s, took her first robotaxi ride on a recent late-night excursion. It was also her first time having sex in a driverless vehicle.
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Default Re: Ensign Steve waxes philosophical on the Singularity, a thrad by Ensign Steve

Listen. Just because Silicon Valley tech bros were delivered by stork and spawn in test tubes, doesn't mean normal humans stop having sex anytime or anywhere.
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Default Re: Ensign Steve waxes philosophical on the Singularity, a thrad by Ensign Steve

This was just a test of their capabilities.

San Francisco's North Beach streets clogged as a long line of Cruise robotaxis come to a standstill - Los Angeles Times

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