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Default Re: What's the frequency, Colorado?

Sometimes you herp a derp, sometimes the derp herps you.

:BC: :canada:
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Default Re: What's the frequency, Colorado?

John Hickenlooper Is the New Joe Lieberman
If there is such a thing as an anti-climate Democrat, it’s John Hickenlooper, no matter what the DSCC says about voting for him to “act on climate.” West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin may have raised eyebrows by backing Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords, but Manchin never bragged about drinking a glass of Hallibutron fracking fluid, as Hickenlooper once did. Hickenlooper’s devotional act remains part of the reason he’s known by the nickname “Frackenlooper.”

“You can drink it. We did drink it around the table, almost ritual-like, in a funny way,” Hickenlooper told the Senate back in 2013. Then-Senator Al Franken asked if this were an occult practice. “No, there were no religious overtures,” Hickenlooper deadpanned. (Halliburton’s own website, then and now, warned that its CleanStim fluid “should not be considered edible.”)

As governor, he threatened to sue towns that restricted fracking enterprises, and followed through more than once. He led a fight against a ballot measure allowing communities to restrict fracking development.

Hickenlooper just dropped out of the presidential campaign, after spending about $2.3 million to play human asterisk aside more progressive opponents. Debate moderators were glad he was there to call on when they wanted to accuse other candidates of being too radical. Apart from that, Hickenlooper’s presidential campaign highlight was probably comparing Medicare for All to Stalinism.
Hickenlooper is a charmer!

Despite this, and despite the fact that Hickenlooper’s in-state approval rating has plunged eight points since his punchline presidential run, the party is backing him against a large field of primary contenders that includes former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff. Doing so sets up the Colorado Democratic primary to be a flashpoint contest similar to the Connecticut Senate primary of 2006, with Hickenlooper as the V-neck sweatered analog to Joe Lieberman.
Taibbi in with the descriptive phrases.
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