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Default Re: Vive la Resistance! aka non-Trump US politics

Originally Posted by mickthinks View Post
Originally Posted by SR71 View Post
... the ethical judgement of the US can be bought if the price is high enough.

The trouble is that that is true whether or not you abhor it. It doesn't discredit Jon Miller's analysis in any way.

Trump is an amoral lieing sack of shit.

That is exactly the kind of obviously partisan rhetoric that I think I need to avoid. But thanks for trying. :thankee:
Apart from the epithet, it seems objective to me and not really partisan. There's no way to sugar coat it, the man is a liar. Lie, deny, sidestep and cloud the issue is what he does on a regular and ongoing basis, by any dispassionate analysis of his own words.

As for Miller, there isn't any merit to any of it, save perhaps whether or not AQ is making hay of it or whether he supports the Muslim Brotherhood or not. On those points I have no idea, but suppose we stipulate they're true, for the sake of argument. Would that justify his murder, or Trump's lack of concern over the murder?

No one suggests making war, at least so far as I'm aware. There is plenty we could do short of war to demonstrate our disapproval. No one cares about the man's murder? Lots of people care, there is a lot to disapprove of when journalists are murdered because they criticize governments. I don't think that should be a partisan issue, unless the conservatives are making it one by buying into the "Media is the enemy of the people, fake news" line the president is pushing.
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