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Each and every country that has nucleaire weapons has to disarm first,

then you have the right to "scold" north korea.

Having said this, to have good solid relations, and not moronical meetings , you need to make contact.

A man all alone in this country ( only followers),and than gossiping about him!!

Are we such dumbo's to listen, and be told that they are dangerous?

Making contact, is vital.

Keep CALLING , keeP TRYING with all the wonderfull comunications that we have, UNTILL YOU DROP DREAD!!!!!!!!

You will not dare attack, because I will than BOMB you to kingdom come.

Oops, pressed too fast!!

The STONE AGE is still going STRONG!!!

TACTFULL is my way, manipulation SUCKS.

We have to talk, and we have to talk RIGHT NOW!!!

We are not throwing PIES at each other!!!

But no, show them that we are powerfull,

show them, that we mean business!

"let us then have peace for once, after we surgically killed a building"


VIOLENCE IS no one's choice.

Find out first if there are LOONY's out there.

Than you may after, murder innocent people, because you had no choice.
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