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Default Re: Codenames

1 - Jerome: Billy Joel (2)Piano, Singer
2 - ceptimus: Dudley Moore: 2Ten
3 - Jerome: Child (2)Doll, Playground
4 - ceptimus: Groove: 1Rut, scoundrel
5 - Jerome: Hematoma : (2)Bruise, Organ
6 - ceptimus: Small (2)Shrink, Letter
7 - Jerome: Engulfing : (2)Quicksand
8 - ceptimus: Secondary: 4Nature
9 - Jerome: Globe: (2)Round, Spit
10 - ceptimus: Inaugural: 0 


4 Red Remaining :you:
1 Blue Remaining

Just to remind the red team that a 0 means that the clue the ceptimus has given is for a word or words that he does NOT want you to guess, and also that you get as many guesses this turn as you are willing to take as long as they are all red.
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