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Old 06-13-2017, 05:28 AM
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Default Re: BREAKING: Sometimes Famous People Die

I loved the 66 Batman series. It was a glorious thing as a young bort. Any hidden meanings went over my head, besides I was watching for the Pow! Bang! Boff! parts anyway. It was acombination of this and the variios incarnations of the Superfriends that taught me best that doing good was for its own sake and not for any kind of reward. Mr. West was just a part of that. It did my nerd heart good when he appeared in different cartoons. The Crimson Chin in the Fairly Odd Parents, the Mayor of Quohog in Family Guy, but really he shined as Simon Trent, the eponymous serial star in Return of the Gray Ghost, an episode of the Batman Animated Series. And all he had to do was be himself. No funny accent or affectation. His delivery, like Shatner's, was a thing all to itself. I'm not sad, but his voice-presence in nerd things will be missed.
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Default Re: BREAKING: Sometimes Famous People Die

By Alvamiga aka Mr MooseIBe
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Free thought! Please take one!

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Default Re: BREAKING: Sometimes Famous People Die

‘Animal House’ Actor Stephen Furst Dies at Age 63 | Variety

Vir Cotto continues the B5 curse.
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Default Re: BREAKING: Sometimes Famous People Die

One of Vir Cotto's best lines :caesarwave:

Also voiced Space Ranger Booster Sinclair from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command...

I looked for a "Best of Booster" video montage, but best I could find was this "Behind the Voices" (which is missing Bobcat Goldwaith's character, XR):

RIP Mr. Fuerstein :sadcheer:
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Default Re: BREAKING: Sometimes Famous People Die

R.I.P. to Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy, aged 42, of complications from sickle-cell anaemia.

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