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Old 08-21-2004, 06:23 AM
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Default Mother-daughter challenges; or, what a cock up!

So, me'n'my beautiful kid decided to chellenge each other in the arcade. So far, we've engaged in three challenges, each one a total balls up.

In Frogger, it shows that Zoe scored 0, and I scored 4200. In reality, I scored 4200. I ain't even gonna say what she scored, 'cos it was more than 20 times my score.

Then, in bombjacks, we played the wrong name. She played me, I played her. Such is the confusion between different ID's and different browsers, all played from one computer. Needless to say, it looks like I won, but I lost all three lives before completing the first level. Zoe made it to level 11, or something. She won.

Then we played Flamingo Drive, and somehow, we made a mess of that challenge, too, and she cleaned up. Yet, it looks as though I had won and she had 0.

I tell ya - some kids really luck out when it comes to mums. Some mums steal undeserved accolades for winning things they are ultimately crap at - while the poor kid stands in the wings, knowing they won, yet the name on the trophy is mum's.

We really gotta get this mother-daughter challenge thing sussed out, so it tells a true story - fair and square.

Anyway...smilies brought to you by Zoe:

:violin: :harp:
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