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Default Re: Blurple Ripple in 3,2,1...

Another bright spot was Virginia, where Minnesotan Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart crashed and burned spectacularly in his race against Tim Kaine, losing by 16 pts. Remember how Virginia was a close race in 2014 (Mark Warner) and 2006 (George Allen)? The Virginia GOP had a very bad night, losing three House seats out of the mere eleven in VA. They flipped from a 7-4 advantage in the VA delegation to a 4-7 minority. I'm guessing they will be shaking in their boots for the 2019 legislative elections, where Democrats need to flip only two seats in the VA House and one in the VA Senate in order to take full control of the VA government.
Originally Posted by Clutch Munny View Post
Just poppin in to say, I hope somewhere Scarlatti is smiling about the large dusty bootmark on Scott Walker's ass.
Apparently the turnout in Madison (Dane County) was insane. As was the margin. Despite how much smaller it is than Milwaukee, Evers actually got a bigger margin out of Dane County than Milwaukee County in terms of votes.

Milwaukee County: 35 pt margin, 140k vote margin
Dane County: 50 pt margin! 150k vote margin
Originally Posted by specious_reasons View Post
I also don't think that Romney will be anything other than the weak-willed, morphing POS he's always been, so I don't think his past opposition to Trump will amount to a hill of beans now.
I think this is probably correct, but it's notable that Utah is one of the states where he could most afford to be anti-Trump. One of the House members there is relatively anti-Trump and won his primary and reelection easily. If he decides not to offer even a Flake-level opposition to Trump, it's because he doesn't want to.

On the other hand, if he gets a fit of conscience, it will be easy to indulge. But I suspect some of the Never Trump Republicans who assure us that Democrats were too hard on Romney and he really is a good man and it's so unfortunate he didn't win in 2012 because then there'd be no Trump, etc. etc. are about to find out how deluded they've been about him, because Romney won't do shit.

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