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Old 04-17-2009, 08:22 PM
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Default Discovery Does DaVinci the way Debbie Did Dallas

Anyone who was thinking about watching the new program on Discovery Channel, Doing DaVinci, I beg you please; spend time with your family, go take a walk, reorganize your sock drawer, do anything other than watch this show! I will never get that hour back, for you there is still hope.

It's a shame too because it's a great concept. Usually, I am fond of the Discovery build shows. I adore DaVinci, and own copies of his notebooks. I was so excited to see the ad for this program, I instantly fired up the ol' DVR to make sure I would not miss it. What a let down.

The pace of the show is excruciatingly slow, and the build team has zero charisma. They are also serious hacks and after the first 15 minutes you are just waiting to see how they will fuck up next. This is after they cheat, and use carbon steel and an Auto CAD machine shop to make all the parts. They sure can't machine it, they can't even cut plywood without screwing up royally. With some build shows, the mistakes can be entertaining, not so on this one. That would require that the individuals have some kind of personality.

Then for the big test to make sure that the cannons on the tank actually have range, they carefully line up three targets single file in front of the cannon and blow them away. Oh and bringing in other big burly guys so that you don't have to operate the tank yourselves is really weak.

My friends, there is still time. You don't have to watch it. Spare yourself the pain, and take my word for it: They fucked DaVinci.
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Default Re: Discovery Does DaVinci the way Debbie Did Dallas

Originally Posted by Demimonde View Post
I will never get that hour back, for you there is still hope.
If you'd posted this in some other month, there'd be hope for you too: hope of a best thread title award. You know that would have made it all worth while.

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Default Re: Discovery Does DaVinci the way Debbie Did Dallas

Haha, no shit... of course it had to be the month liv posts about pooping beet juice...
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