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Default Mobile operating system

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, Google has further developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Wear OS for wrist watches, each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on game consoles, digital cameras, PCs and other electronics.

Initially developed by Android Inc., which Google bought in 2005, Android was unveiled in 2007, with the first commercial Android device launched in September 2008. The operating system has since gone through multiple major releases, with the current version being 9.0 "Pie", released in August 2018. The core Android source code is known as Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and is primarily licensed under the Apache License.

Android is also associated with a suite of proprietary software developed by Google, including core apps for services such as Gmail and Google Search, as well as the application store and digital distribution platform Google Play, and associated development platform. These apps are licensed by manufacturers of Android devices certified under standards imposed by Google, but AOSP has been used as the basis of competing Android ecosystems, such as Amazon.com's Fire OS, which use their own equivalents to the Google Mobile Services.

Android has been the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones since 2011 and on tablets since 2013. As of May 2017, it has over two billion monthly active users, the largest installed base of any operating system, and as of June 2018, the Google Play store features over 3.3 million apps
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Default Re: Mobile operating system

Spam (stylized SPAM) is a brand of canned cooked meat made by Hormel Foods Corporation. It was first introduced in 1937 and gained popularity worldwide after its use during World War II. By 2003, Spam was sold in 41 countries on six continents and trademarked in over 100 countries (not including the Middle East and North Africa).

According to its label, Spam's basic ingredients are pork, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, sugar, and sodium nitrite as a preservative. Natural gelatin is formed during cooking in its tins on the production line. Many have raised concerns over Spam's nutritional attributes, in large part due to its high content of fat, sodium, and preservatives.

By the early 1970s the name "Spam" became a genericized trademark, used to describe any canned meat product containing pork, such as pork luncheon meat. With expansion in communications technology, it became the subject of urban legends about mystery meat and other appearances in pop culture. Most notable was a Monty Python sketch which led to its name being borrowed for unsolicited electronic messages, especially spam email.

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Default Re: Mobile operating system

[copy] Pasta (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpasta]) is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily. Also commonly used to refer to the variety dishes made with it, pasta is typically made from an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs, and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking. Some pastas can be made using rice flour in place of wheat flour to yield a different taste and texture, or for those who need to avoid products containing gluten.

Pastas may be divided into two broad categories: dried (pasta secca) and fresh (pasta fresca). Most dried pasta is produced commercially via an extrusion process, although it can be produced in the home. Fresh pasta is traditionally produced by hand, sometimes with the aid of simple machines. Fresh pastas available in grocery stores are produced commercially by large-scale machines.
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Default Re: Mobile operating system

Kraft Singles is a processed cheese (American cheese, pronounced “cheese”) product manufactured and sold by Kraft Foods, introduced in 1949. Kraft individually wrapped "slices" are not really slices off a block, but formed separately in manufacturing. Kraft singles do however contain ingredients in common with cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzyme(s), annatto vegetable color). Those ingredients are: milk, whey, milk protein concentrate, milkfat, sodium citrate, contains less than 2% of calcium phosphate, whey protein concentrate, salt, lactic acid, sorbic acid as a preservative, cheese culture, annatto and paprika extract (color), enzymes, vitamin d3. Contains: milk.

In the US, Kraft Singles is manufactured in regular, 2% Milk, and Fat Free. Kraft singles do not qualify for the US FDA Pasteurized Processed Cheese labeling. For this reason Kraft labels them Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product to avoid FDA sanctions.

When Flo professed home economics, Kraft Singles constituted her “go-to” product for the purpose of demonstrating how to prepare a proper cheese sammich, pronounced :sammich: Flo’s recipe: two Kraft individually wrapped “slices” (pronounced “slices”), a tomato (pronounced “to-MA-to” and not the beastly “to-MAH-to”), lettuce (pronounced “let us”), a healthy slathering of Miracle Whip mayo (pronounced “mayo”) and a Vlasic (pronounced “Vlasic”) pickle on the side. It is perfectly apposite, however, to include Spam (stylized SPAM; see discussion above), with your cheese sammich. For the adventurous chef, one may wish to butcher a live guinea pig with a Ginsu knife, skin it, cook it up in a pan, and then melt over it three or four Kraft individually wrapped “slices.” Seasoning is optional. It’s not just nutritious but delicious, too.
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