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Old 02-05-2018, 01:42 PM
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Default Personal Computing Devices

I did a count of personal computing devices in our house right now. The count stands at 15.

1. This Alienware mini
2. My Chromebox
3. The Asus gaming laptop to my left
4. My wife's Chromebook
5. My youngest daughter's iMac
6. My eldest daughter's Toshiba laptop
7. My grandson's home-assembled near-supercomputer for gaming
8. My wife's Amazon Fire 7" tablet
9. My Amazon Fire 7" tablet
10. My old Samsung 7" tablet
11. My wife's iPad
12. My Samsung Galaxy J7
13. My Samsung Galaxy S7 Active (letting grandson use it because indestructible)
14. My wife's iPhone 6+
15. A Dell 24" bog-slow All-In-One Celeron-chipped POS with Windows 8.Fail (and insufficient RAM to download the upgrade to Windersten).

Some of the above will be soon seen on eBay or other internet methods of sale.

How many and what kind of functional personal computing devices do you have?
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