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News Egyptians refuse Holocaust Award from Israel

"If any other country offered to honor Helmy, we would have been happy with it," Mervat Hassan, the wife of Helmy's great-nephew, told the AP during an interview at her home in Cairo this week.


Hassan said the family wasn't interested in the award from Israel because relations between Egypt and Israel remain hostile, despite a peace treaty signed more than three decades ago. But, she cautioned, "I respect Judaism as a religion and I respect Jews. Islam recognizes Judaism as a heavenly religion."


"Helmy was not picking a certain nationality, race or religion to help. He treated patients regardless of who they were," she said.
AP News : Relative: Egyptian family rejects Israel honor

In a demonstration of grand hypocrisy, on 20 October Vad Yashem, which denies the Palestinian nakba and does not recognize that non-Jews also suffered at the hands of the Nazis, criticized the family’s decision. “We regret that political sentiment seems to have overcome the human aspect and hope one day that the latter will prevail,” the Jewish supremacists said in a written statement, as reported by AP.
Egyptians tell Israel to stuff its holocaust award | Redress Information & Analysis

Good on them. It's about time someone pointed out the hypocrisy of the Holocaust industry. Simon Wiesenthal, Elie Wiesel and Yad Vashem have all been involved in/defending Israeli ethnic cleansing and war crimes.
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