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Default The Resistance III

The 7 members of The Resistance meet in secret to plan a mission against their corrupt and tyrannical government. But the members know that there are three spies among them. Will the Resistance be able to complete three successful missions?

* This thread is always open for discussion.
* No communication is allowed outside the game thread among EITHER team.
* All votes will be PMed to me and then I will reveal the results.
* If you are nominated to go on a proposed mission, PM me your decision to SUCCEED or FAIL the mission, should the proposal pass, along with your YES or NO vote on the mission proposal.

Every resistance member received the following PM:
You are a member of the resistance. Your goal is to complete three successful missions.

The mission sizes will be as follows:

MissionTeam Size

Missions with a * will SUCCEED unless there are at least two players who choose to FAIL them.

Order for the leader's turn will be as follows:

1Daphne GirlLEADER

So Daphne is the first leader and must choose 2 members to go on the first mission. When you are ready to make an official proposal please put it in BOLD.

Please let me know if you have did not get a role PM from me.
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Thanks, from:
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