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Default Read Me First!

Welcome to the Freethought Forum! :welcome1:

If you'd like to introduce yourself the old fashioned way, please feel free to make a post on the Say Hi, Gracie sticky thread beneath this one. But if you'd like to tell us a little more about yourself you can start a new thread of your own design or using the following questions as a boilerplate.

Simply copy and paste the contents of this box into a post of your own.
1. How'd you find the Freethought Forum?

2. Are you a member of any other online forums? Which?

3. How do you feel about smilies (emoticons)?

4. How do you feel about 3500+ smilies?

5. Is flaming:
A. Hilarious
B. Beneath you
C. Irritating as fuck
6. Is vulgar language:
A. Hilarious
B. Beneath you
C. Irritating as fuck
7. Why did the chicken cross the road?

8. Who pays for your food?

9. What's one thing you've always wanted to do but never have?

10. What is your single favorite place in the world?

11. What's the significance of your username?

12. What about your avatar?

And finally for more information, don't forget to check out Introducing the Freethought Forum, the Frequently Asked Questions, the Forum Rules, and for some post formatting tips the BBcode Guide. :yup:

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