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Default American Civil War

some thoughts from up north...

America’s Next Civil War · The Walrus
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Default Re: American Civil War

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Default Re: American Civil War

I feel like this is pretty much the crux of the biscuit.

The real source of the crisis is that white Republicans have become more intolerant about the country’s growing diversity.
Though they're loathe to admit it, xenophobes are the constituent portion of the party that supplement the more laissez faires big biz republicans enough to keep the party viable. The xenophobia ain't going away anytime soon.

At some point, perhaps in the not too distant future, a rift will open when the intent of the biz faction to shred the social safety net will finally become plain to working/welfare class republicans. It may not sink in until the checks actually stop showing up. They don't seem to have a firm grasp of reality. They're easily taken in by the rankest propaganda.
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