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Default Re: What are we watching this Fall, y'all?

Originally Posted by specious_reasons View Post
Ohh, new shit is starting to come out on network TV, so I sampled 2 shows:

The Orville - this is supposed to be a comedy in the style of a Star Trek parody.

For a "comedic drama" the pilot is intensely unfunny. Oddly, it works better as a serious Trek ripoff. Big turnoff: Seth McFarland as the ship's captain. Will probably not bother with it.
For anyone thinking of watching The Orville I would offer a counter viewpoint and say that I have enjoyed the first 2 episodes. They are not hilarious, but I did find them funny. They do a decent job of mixing the Star Trekking with humour and I don't think it's supposed to be just a comedy. Even Sou, who usually finds Seth MacFarlane's humour not to her liking has enjoyed it and lol'd for reals a couple times each episode.

I'm going to stick with it, I expect they'll get the comedy-space drama formula working even better as they get through the season.
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