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Old 02-20-2010, 07:20 AM
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Tablet Transformers Mafia - Game Thread

This is where we find out if all of last year's hype was worth it.

1. The first rule of TF Mafia is you do not talk about TF Mafia!
2. The second rule of TF Mafia is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT TF MAFIA!
3. Unless, of course, your role explicitly says you can communicate with someone at night.
4. Red, Green and Blue are my colors. Do not use them.
6. Votes must be bold. If they're not bold, they won't count.
7. This game has some really complex shit in it. If you have questions about your role, send them to me by PM. If you have questions about game mechanics, I'll leave it at your discretion whether or not to post or PM about them. Posts will be answered in the thread, PMs will be answered by PM.
8. You will not break my fucking game with a mass character reveal - you may even fuck yourselves up. Try this at your own peril. :ptht:
9. Speaking of characters, this game utilizes ones from the 1st Generation cartoon show and Transformers: The Movie.
10. Any player that dies may leave one "bah" post. This post must not contain game information.
11. Deadlines are a possibility if shit gets too slow.
12. Invisibility is not a requirement, but is encouraged. People like to metagame around here.
13. Once night falls, discussion should stop. I can't be here 24/7, but nightfall should be assumed once the requisite votes have been reached for a lynch. Trust me, I'll be on top of things as much as possible, this is a FUCKING CRAZY game.
14. The order of night actions shall be:
  1. Disrupt
  2. Block
  3. Avoid
  4. Hide
  5. Protect
  6. Kill
  7. Recruit
  8. Collect
  9. Investigate
  10. Disassemble
I will neither confirm or deny whether or not all these actions are even possible.

15. The most important rule of mafia. Do not quote my PMs. Do not post anything I send you. Also, anything that is illegal to DO is also illegal to FAKE. So don't post a bullshit PM either. ;)

Quite simple, actually. Autobot and Decepticon ships crashed in the atmosphere as both were attempting to scout a strange, unknown world. Upon landing, Megatron thought fast: We're outnumbered, but if we can fool them into killing each other, we can pick them off one by one!

He then activated a system that has shrouded each of you in a hologram. No one recognizes anyone else except the Decepticons, who Megatron rounded up beforehand.

There were even some here that Megatron didn't recognize...

Everyone got a PM something like this:
Power Class (Relevant to some, irrelevant to others. For all characters the value is 1, 2 or 3.)
Alignment and Role



1. Demimonde
2. Deadlokd
3. Adam
4. Contrapposto
5. Kael
6. livius drusus
7. Joshua Adams
8. Gonzo
9. slim
10. Leesifer
11. Ensign Steve
12. bey
13. Crumb

In the scrap heap:
No one... yet.

No one... yet.

It is Day One.
With 13 alive, you need 7 votes to lynch.
Father Helel, save us from the dark.

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Thanks, from:
Adam (02-20-2010), Contrapposto (02-20-2010), Crumb (02-20-2010), Demimonde (02-20-2010), Gonzo (02-20-2010)

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