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Default Re: Blast from the Soviet past

Originally Posted by yguy View Post
Originally Posted by naturalist.atheist View Post
Originally Posted by yguy View Post
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Originally Posted by yguy View Post
1984 interview with Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov. A must see for those of you who think Reagan was a hate monger for calling Soviet Russia an evil empire.
ROFL. Because we disagree with your politics, we like the soviets.
I never said anything like that, obviously. And unless you've seen this interview elsewhere (or cracked The Gulag Archipelago, or gleaned from other sources a sane perspective on the Soviet Union, which you obviously haven't) you can't possibly have any idea what I'm getting at.
My family is from there. I've been there twice. I've meet with top officials of the government, toured industrial and academic facilities. Met all during my childhood with dissidents, visitors and have read and studied the culture. My family is supposedly descended from Kiev-Russ royalty. Served as generals in the underground resistance against both the Soviets and the Nazis. Were hunted and killed by both the NKVD and SS and the lucky ones were captured and either sent to Siberian gulags or concentration camps. When my father visited in the mid-eightes he managed to meet up with his father who was living underground in the Ukraine since the war.

But I still have no idea what you are getting at yguy.
If you must resort to such obvious prevarication, the least you could to is be a little more artful about it for the sake of entertainment value.
Of course, I must be lying. Because yguy is brilliant.
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Default Re: Blast from the Soviet past

A Digital Archive of Soviet Children’s Books Goes Online: Browse the Artistic, Ideological Collection (1917-1953)

A project of the Cotsen Collection at Princeton’s Firestone Library, the archive contains a variety of fully digitized children's books that show one venue in which, amid these years of "Russia’s accelerated violent political, social and cultural evolution," in the words of the database's front page, certain kinds of graphic art could flourish. "The illustration and look of Soviet children’s books was of tantamount importance as a vehicle for practical and concrete information in the new Soviet regime."

This ambitious effort, driven by "directives for a new kind of children’s literature" to be "founded on the assumption that the 'language of images' was immediately comprehensible to the mass reader, far more so than the typed word," brought in a great many artists and designers such as Alexander Deineka, El Lissitzky, and Vladimir Lebedev, tasking them all with creating "imaginative models for Soviet youth in the new languages of Soviet modernism."

This week's track: Godflesh - Like Rats

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Default Re: Blast from the Soviet past

At this point in the book your state prescribed LSD should begin to take a hold.

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