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Old 04-20-2018, 06:40 PM
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Default Re: Privacy, Anonymity, and Compartmentalization

Originally Posted by Palantir
We are aware that powerful technology can be abused and we spend a lot of time and energy making sure our products are used for the forces of good
And yet you named your company Palantir.

LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring - Saruman the White - YouTube
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Default Re: Privacy, Anonymity, and Compartmentalization

tbf the palantirs weren't only used for evil, they had a positive use before Sauron got his hands on them.

But given that in LotR their only appearance was as a tool corrupted by Sauron...
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Old 06-27-2018, 08:42 PM
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Default Re: Privacy, Anonymity, and Compartmentalization

You know how you get a rush of adverts for a thing after you've browsed for it? The "no, Google, I bought a toilet seat, I didn't develop a passion for collecting them" syndrome.

What about getting a rush of ads for thing somebody else has browsed for?

Little Miss JoeP needs a place to live when she starts her new job in Other Town. And lo ... I started getting ads from Zoopla (annoying but useful lettings and estate agent site). Not generic ads either, but specific ads for studio flats in Other Town. Including the very one that she has since rented.

She's also buying a second hand car. So I'm getting ads for car comparison sites. I haven't done any searches for cars or flats/houses for 2 years.

Clearly Google's ad backend (I presume this is Google driven as I'm seeing them in things like Android games) has worked out that we have some kind of connection. Probably thinks we are married.

Privacy? Nope. Anonymity? Nope. Share your browsing habits with probable family members in a creepy way? Sure.

Free thought! Please take one!

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Default Re: Privacy, Anonymity, and Compartmentalization

The Game is Rigged: Congress Invites No Consumer Privacy Advocates to its Consumer Privacy Hearing | Electronic Frontier Foundation
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Default Re: Privacy, Anonymity, and Compartmentalization

Meanwhile, the EU want to toughen up copyright law to the point where just linking to the title of news article would be illegal without a license

If it passes, this will be the death of 'fair use'.
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