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Old 09-27-2017, 06:03 AM
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Default Re: Seen any crappy movies?

Samurai Cop

A legendary bad film, recently done by "We Hate Movies". It's been on my list for a while but the podcast of it bumped it to #1 on my "to see" list.

The ADR was terrible. The hero of the movie wears an obvious wig from cut to cut of the movie. Robert Z'Dar is the bad guy. There's little sense in the plot. There are only 5 cops in the city. People talk when they shouldn't and don't when they should, most everything seems to be one take, regardless of how badly an actor has stumbled over the lines.

And yet, it's entirely entertaining. It's nearly a perfect good-bad movie.
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Default Re: Seen any crappy movies?

Geostorm. Ridiculous paint by numbers bollocks that I still found fun. Leave brain in parking lot.
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Default Re: Seen any crappy movies?

I've been watching movies on Amazon Prime, so the crappy movies I've seen are too numerous to enumerate.
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