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Default Algorithms are opinions embedded in the code.

Algorithms donít make things fair if you just blithely, blindly apply algorithms. They donít make things fair. They repeat our past practices, our patterns. They automate the status quo. That would be great if we had a perfect world, but we donít. And Iíll add that most companies donít have embarrassing lawsuits, but the data scientists in those companies are told to follow the data, to focus on accuracy. Think about what that means. Because we all have bias, it means they could be codifying sexism or any other kind of bigotry.
My TED talk is live! | mathbabe

Full transcript here:

Data Scientist Cathy O'Neil: "Algorithms Are Opinions Embedded in Code" | naked capitalism

It's a summary of most of the points of her book, Weapons of Math Destruction.

The era of big data is really only starting, and analytics, AI, and Machine learning are a big, big part of it.
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