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Default Some University Degrees Not Worth It At All

A BS degree from Harvey Mudd College in California is totally worth it, financially, so is a computer science degree from Stanford, but the best bang for the buck is University of Virginia, according to a PayScale survey of earnings of college graduates, which factored in cost of education and earnings over twenty years. Number one on the 20 year earnings, Harvey Mudd costs $116,800, but the 20 year earnings of graduates are over a million dollars.

On the other end of the scale are some degrees, especially Arts and Humanities and Education, that are so bad you'd be better off not getting a degree at all and stumble through life with a high school diploma like I have. The worst of these are art majors from Murray State University in Kentucky and Florida International University. The ROI on them is a negative almost two hundred thousand dollars.

In area, there is one on the list, Pittsburg State University in Kansas. I almost sent my daughter there. *whew* She's going to Oklahoma State instead.
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