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Default Re: Iffy therapies given thumbs up by the FDA. SCARY! I'm

Turns out there is in fact a real story involved in the Chuck Norris - Gena O'Kelley thing. The story's not so much how the contrast agent used in MRIs is dangerous but instead about how quacks are bilking the everloving fuck out of Gena and Chuck:

As I read the stories about Chuck Norris and his wife Gena, I kept wondering how on earth they could have racked up such high medical bills to treat his wife’s condition. Obviously, the methods they were using must not have been covered by the presumably very good health insurance that Norris and his wife almost certainly must have. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to deduct them on their taxes. This suggests strongly that the treatments were all of the unproven variety for which insurance doesn’t pay. So which clinic, exactly, in Reno is treating patients for “gadolinium toxicity.” Fortunately, there is Facebook, where patients were more than willing to out the clinic. Basically, it appears to be someone named Bruce Fong at the Sierra Integrative Medical Center in Reno, Nevada.

He’s described thusly:
Dr. Bruce Fong was introduced to natural medicine and homeopathic medicine as a young child and continues with that tradition today. He has followed in the family footsteps of medicine and is rooted in the belief that we must heal and prevent human disease and suffering. Optimal health may be achieved by determining and remedying the root cause of illness. Dr. Fong has been at the forefront of alternative therapies for immune related diseases, including special treatment plans which combine the best options from a broad array of homeopathic, internal, Chinese and traditional medicine. As Medical Director at Sierra Integrative Medical Center, Dr. Fong is focused on solving root causes, not treating symptoms or masking issues falsely with compounded prescriptions.
In other words, he’s a quack. I mean, look at the list of services Dr. Fong offers. There are a lot of quack treatments there. True, the average person might not recognize them as such, but I do, and I’m sure that the vast majority of my readers will too: chelation therapy, homeopathy, lymphatic massage, “detox” footbaths, and more.
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Default Re: Iffy therapies given thumbs up by the FDA. SCARY! I'm

Strong Evidence Shows Extraterrestrials Have Been Shutting Down Nuclear Missiles Worldwide for Decades, But Why? - Waking Times Media
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Default Re: Iffy therapies given thumbs up by the FDA. SCARY! I'm

The Dark Secrets Behind the Pope's Audience Hall (It's a Giant Reptile) - Waking Times Media

peacegirl, do you agree with your source Waking Times Media that the Pope's audience hall is in the shape of a reptilian because the reptilians "control our entire world" and "he is speaking from the mouth of the snake. He stands in front of the mouth and speaks the words of the Elite to all those listening. The Elite are telling humanity via symbolism that this is what’s happening"?
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