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Default Re: The 1001 Funniest Jokes for English-speaking Germans

66. A plodding and self-indulgent American fishwife, having abandoned a project nearly one year prior, awakened one morning and said to herself, "Ah, well. Back to the salt mines."

Americans frequently employ such pointless and cloying idioms in an attempt to make themselves seem more interesting.

67. A young man by the name of Bertram dressed for his weekly grocery shopping in a plain colored shirt that had been part of a uniform at his previous employment.

He had not done his laundry at the regular time, as he had been quite ill that day as a result of excessive drinking.

68. Helga asked her husband Herman one morning if he wanted to go into town that day to run their weekly errands.

Herman replied, as he always did to that question, "No. I do not want to, but I suppose that we must."

Helga chuckled politely at Herman's humor. The couple rarely communicated.
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