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Default Re: Miscellany

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Default Re: Miscellany

Much of MADNESS, and more of SIN, and HORROR the soul of the plot.
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Default Re: Miscellany

One of the things that has really hit me since I started working in the heart of a city is that there are people (specifically: crane operators) who have to climb 15 flights of ladder every morning to get to their cubicle. That's impressive enough, but then watching them walk around on top of the thing makes me so grateful that isn't my job.
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Default Re: Miscellany

Bonus: no annoying talk from neighbouring cubicles.

Free thought! Please take one!

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Default Re: Miscellany

My dad was a crane driver. I actually liked going up there on the metal ladder.

Now those wind turbines freak me out. Probably because there isn't a chair when you get up there.
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Default Re: Miscellany

I imagine it's very annoying when you've climbed to the cab and then realized that you left behind something important, for example something to drink.
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BrotherMan (04-17-2019), Crumb (04-17-2019), JoeP (04-17-2019), Stormlight (04-17-2019), The Man (Yesterday)

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