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Default Re: Can a bisexual come out?

I think most straight people only see either straight or gay. For some reason they don't see people being bisexual and liking both sexes.
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Default Re: Can a bisexual come out?

Originally Posted by Beth View Post
Bey's thread had me wondering about telling your parents that you are bisexual. I understand that this may seem fake, although I am truly attracted to both sexes, almost more leaning to the female side. My husband knows this and just figures that a woman's sexuality is more fluid.
I am wondering what your story is. No need to tell me, but everyone has a story, it just varies how much one is willing to tell. When I was in highschool one of the librarians was a gay man. He was previously married to a woman who was a member of the church my Mom drug me to every week.

I got to know him a bit and one of the things I found odd was that he married and was sexually active with a woman and produced children and didn't seem to know he was gay until later.

In your case you are married to a man and marriage is something I do take seriously (married 23 years on Dec 28th), but you are bisexual. I don't really know what you mean by that though. Are you unhappy in your marriage and looking for a change?

My issue is that I have a very homophobic mother. I destroyed two potentially long term lesbian relationships because I couldn't come out. Late last year I finally told my mom about the abuse that I used to post about in here, and was disowned for two months before I told her that it was insane. Maybe she actually needs to know that if I left my husband, as she wants, I would probably end up with a woman?
My sin in my family is my dad died young from a heart attack. He was a chain smoker. I also smoke. I never had the guts to tell my mother until one day I did. She said 'Yeah, I knew that years ago'. Seems you are anticipating rejection? You may get it, but you may be surprised with a 'yeah, who didn't already know that?'
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