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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

It's those damn optics again. :blank:
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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

Well, we've seen that line of reasoning basically being endorsed by one of their employees right here.

It was a big story then because people were reporting on it, therefore they had to report on it like it was a big story.

And I suppose we would be told now: it's not a big story now, and if they were to treat it as a big story now, that would be just becoming Democratic propaganda/inserting opinion into the news.
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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

Fuck the Fucking New York Times, a sequel to my post from two days ago:

The New York Times Botched Their Reporting on Secretary Clintonís Remarks About a Democratic Primary Candidate Being Groomed Ė Balloon Juice

Since I know a lot of people donít click links, hereís a few tweets summarising some of the most important points:

At the same time, the Fuck the Fucking New York Times has fired its Director of Information Security because, apparently, you donít need information security in todayís modern age. Canít make this shit up.

Silverman has commentary on this general issue, too, though it preceded Sandvikís firing.

In conclusion, just in case I didnít think to mention it, Fuck the Fucking New York Times.
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