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Default FLAWless VICtory!

Mugger picks wrong victim: MMA fighter - Chicago Sun-Times
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Default Re: FLAWless VICtory!

Sounds like the victim is a pretty shady character himself.
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Default Re: FLAWless VICtory!

Good thing it wasn't an old lady with a gun. Only fit MMA fighters should be allowed to protect themselves from criminals.
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Default Re: FLAWless VICtory!

Originally Posted by JEROME DA GNOME View Post
Good thing it wasn't an old lady with a gun.
Yeah, I'm sure a mugger with a firearm would have been overjoyed to wait for an old lady while she fished the gun out of her purse and undid the safety catch.

I know you take pride in being a moron at every opportunity, but this is plumbing the depths even for you.
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