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Old 02-10-2017, 08:56 AM
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Default Rehab question

Does anyone know anything about rehab facilities for drug addiction?

Someone I am close to is checking into a rehab facility for opioid addiction. When she told me the name of the place, I — being me — immediately began to investigate it. It was easy enough to start; I just went to their website.

Whereupon all sort of red flags popped right up.

In addition to a curious lack of specific details about the treatment, the posted schedule of daily activities did not exactly encourage me.

Acupuncture? Spirituality workshops? 12-step programs? Meetings with the “Rev.”? (I assume this must mean meeting with a reverend, but the use of this abbreviation without further elaboration, in conjunction with the lack of specificity about the treatment program, is not conducive to confidence in what these people do or confidence in their competency in basic communication skills.)

It should be noted that this person has already been through rehab twice.

I need to know whether there is an effective science-based treatment for drug addiction that does not rely on Christian propaganda (12-step programs that actually have a poor success rate, according to what I have been able to discover), ancient superstitions (acupuncture, the efficacy of which I believe has no evidential support), vaguely worded bullshit about “spirituality” and so on. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Thanks, from:
ceptimus (02-10-2017), Gonzo (02-10-2017), The Man (02-10-2017)

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