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Default Re: Coulson Watches You While You Sleep

Originally Posted by The Lone Ranger View Post
Are the Wakandans a bunch of hypocrites who look down on the rest of the world as "backwards" while they live lives of luxury and refuse to lift a finger to help anybody else? Or are they properly paranoid, knowing that if the rest of the world knew how blessed Wakanda is, the tiny nation would quickly be conquered -- or just obliterated -- by larger nations that would be envious of all their cool stuff?
I think the movie did a good job proving there isn't a right answer to these questions. In the same breath, it did say there are wrong methods to either.
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Default Re: Coulson Watches You While You Sleep

I saw the Black Panthers.

I had a similar experience to Bort, in that it was perhaps hyped up a bit too much for me, so the reality was a little disappointing.

Nonetheless, it was one of the best MCU movies and had some more interesting ideas than perhaps any of them.

As a linguist who has studied a little bit of Swahili, some of the things bothered me but they were almost exclusively the fault of the comic book writers so I don't blame the movie. It would've been a good opportunity to try to force Marvel to retcon some aspects of Black Panther to be more linguistically accurate. Of course, some could be justified as Wakandan just being unusual for a language in that area.

Spoilered for linguistics rambling:

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