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Default In Which We Brag About Our Petty Accomplishments

When I went to visit my parents a couple of weeks ago, they told me they had almost booked a trip to Egypt on account of the local Lions Club has a special rate for locals. Sadly the special rate turned out to be a mirage once you added in all the fees and extras, so what looked like a $5,000 trip would actually end up costing over 8 grand.

They had given up, but since they sent me on a school trip to Egypt when I was in the 10th grade and it was my favorite trip of all time, I really, really wanted them to go. A few hours of Googling later and I found them an even better package (the Nile cruise is 2 days longer, and the cruise is completely the best part) for under $5,000 including all the little visa fees and travel insurance and sounds-and-lights extras. It was cheap because you have to book by September 22nd and because you have to pay in full 75 days before the trip, but that wasn't a problem for my parents.

Naturally I browbeat my dad about it (he has a tendency to start with "no" on all matters, a tendency I learned to counter at a very, very young age) the whole week I was with them. He sort of grumped about it and tried to ignore me, but that's alll part of the dance.

Yesterday they told me that they've booked the trip. They'll be going to Egypt the second week in December. I am absurdly proud to have harangued them into this, even though it's hardly some superhuman achievement to convince them to do something they already wanted to do for cheaper than they planned.

What entirely unremarkable accomplishment gives you a special glow?

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