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Default Re: In Which We Brag About Our Petty Accomplishments

I'm washing a load of the white towels, so I have the detergent plus bleach in hot water started, I throw in some of the towels, and I see a li'l wolf spider crawl out from the dirty towels!

I dug in, found her before she got wet, burned my hands a little bit, but I got her out before she got hurt, I think.
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Default Re: In Which We Brag About Our Petty Accomplishments

I was listening to a mix on Spotify and a song by Delain came on. Delain's main vocalist is Charlotte Wessels :dutch: (and the song was The Gathering ... no connection to the band The Gathering whose main vocalist is Anneke van Giersbergen :dutch:) ... but then a male vocalist came in, and I thought that sounds like Marco Hietala :finnish:, so off I went to the interwebs to check, and yes, he guests on this track. I was right! Petty accomplishment!

Marco Hietala is the bassist and male vocalist of Nightwish ... whose current female vocalist is Floor Jansen :dutch:.
Sharon van Adel :dutch: of Within Temptation has also worked with Delain.
I know that both Floor and Simone Simons :dutch: of Epica have worked with Tarja Turunen :finnish: of Nightwish, and Floor has guested on an Epica track too.
Everyone works with everyone in the music industry eventually, it seems. Especially Dutch female metal singers.

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