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Default Re: So, Iran, huh?

Putin warns war between US and Iran would be 'catastrophe' | TheHill

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Default Re: So, Iran, huh?

Originally Posted by erimir View Post
Also worth noting that although Trump decided against launching missiles at Iran yesterday,
Forgive me if I need a little more evidence than claims from "Trump" or anyone in his "administration" that he actually decided this...

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Default Re: So, Iran, huh?

Well, however it went down, at any rate, missiles weren't launched and he's not currently ordering them to be.
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Default Re: So, Iran, huh?

Iran has not [yet] violated the Nuclear Deal; the U.S., under Trump, has.

While I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it turned out that Iran attacked the tankers in question -- out of a sense of desperation, if nothing else -- I rather doubt that's the case. Iran would have a lot to lose if it were to provoke a U.S. attack.

It's interesting that Trump and his stooges declared Iran to be responsible almost immediately after the tanker attacks occurred. That seemed ... suspicious ... at the time, and nothing I've heard or read since makes me think that the case against Iran holds any water at all.

Let's face it, it's not as if U.S. officials haven't lied to justify going to war in the recent past. And in particular, I wouldn't trust anything that came out of the mouth of Trump or any of his stooges. Trump could declare that grass is green and I'd have to double-check.

Who would benefit if we were to go to war with Iran? Well, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo have been advocating war with Iran for years now. And both have been known to ... shade the truth ... while trying to gin up support for their war-mongering.

Both the Saudi Arabian and Israeli governments would love to see the U.S. attack Iran. After all, U.S. strikes would almost-certainly seriously degrade Iran's military capabilities and destabilize its government.

I'm not saying that Iran wasn't responsible for the attacks on the tankers, but Trump and Company were awfully quick to say that Iran was responsible. And so far, they haven't provided any real evidence to back that claim.
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