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Infertility and A.R.T.
Infertility and A.R.T.
Published by viscousmemories
Default Introduction

Disclaimer: I am just an average Jane who found myself needing a crash course in human reproduction and complicated medical procedures. I have used layman’s terms and simplified explanations in this article, so may have some minor or unimportant technicality wrong, and if so please overlook it if the intended meaning is clear. If you find a glaring factual error, however, please notify me right away.

Infertility and A.R.T (Assisted Reproduction Technologies)

Even if you aren't dealing with infertility, chances are you know someone who is, has or will be, as it is estimated 15% of Americans trying to become pregnant experience infertility at some level. I know many people in my life want desperately to “be there” for me, and simply don’t have any frame of reference to fall back on in trying to help. I hope that this article helps you understand what an infertile couple is going through physically and emotionally so you can “be there” for your friend or loved one. If it turns out to be you in need of fertility treatments, maybe this will help you get started down the right path.


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By Clutch Munny on 03-30-2007, 07:01 PM
Default Re: Infertility and A.R.T.

Re-reading this article reminded me why I liked it so much the first time. LadyShea, this is wonderfully balanced between objective data, a compelling personal perspective, and helpful guidance. Never is it unclear which is which, either. This is a gem.
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By LadyShea on 03-30-2007, 09:22 PM
Default Re: Infertility and A.R.T.

Thanks Clutch, can't imagine what prompted you to dig this fossil up, but I certainly appreciate your positive critique :)
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