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An Introduction to Zoology: Chapter 8
An Introduction to Zoology: Chapter 8
Published by The Lone Ranger
Default Introduction

An Introduction to Zoology

Chapter Eight: Animal Diversity and the Parazoans:

Animal Diversity: An Overview:
You often hear people dividing the animals into two major groups, the Invertebrates and the Vertebrates. While that is a convenient and easily-understood way to classify animals, it is not a very useful classification scheme from a biological perspective. That’s because while it’s true that all vertebrates share common ancestry and so make up a legitimate taxon, the word “invertebrate” is an impossibly vague term. It simply means “any animal that lacks a backbone.”


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davidm (11-28-2008), Dingfod (11-26-2008), Ensign Steve (11-30-2008), monruw (03-30-2011), Stormlight (04-03-2011), sunbird (11-30-2012)
By monruw on 03-30-2011, 03:02 PM
Default Re: An Introduction to Zoology: Chapter 8

i hope my animal-structure and animal-reproduction&development classes use this as textbook~ :D
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