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The Masked Man Reviews the Star Wars Movies
The Masked Man Reviews the Star Wars Movies
The Lone Ranger
Published by The Lone Ranger
Default The Empire Strikes Back; Plot Holes

Plot Holes:
How did the wampa freeze Luke into the ceiling of its cave? To do that, the wampa would have had to hold Luke’s feet to the ceiling while somehow spraying liquid water onto them. The water would then freeze, holding Luke in place. So, where did the wampa get the water to do this, and how did it spray it onto Luke’s feet? If the wampa had an unusually capacious bladder and was a male, a possible solution presents itself, but I think we’ll just move along now.

When Luke left Hoth and headed for Dagobah, did he bother to inform anyone of his plans? Presumably, one does not learn to be a Jedi overnight, so he must have been planning to spend some time there. Surely, his friends would begin to worry after a few weeks or months of not hearing from him? The considerate thing to do would have been to drop them a line, at the very least.


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