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The Masked Man Reviews the Star Wars Movies
The Masked Man Reviews the Star Wars Movies
The Lone Ranger
Published by The Lone Ranger
Default The Return of the Jedi: Consistency

Star Wars: Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi

As C-3PO and R2D2 approached Jabba’s palace near the beginning of the movie, C-3PO commented that Lando and Chewbacca “never came back” from there. But we saw later in the movie that Chewbacca (with Leia) arrived at Jabba’s palace after R2 and 3PO did. Was this a mistake on the film-makers’ parts, or was 3PO deluded somehow?

When Luke was fighting Jabba’s henchmen, how was it that his lightsaber effortlessly sliced through metal, yet didn’t even singe the clothing of Jabba’s henchmen when he hit them with it? Do lightsabers have “stun” settings? (Surely, Luke didn’t think that, rather than killing them outright, knocking Jabba’s henchmen off the skiff and into the Sarlaac’s waiting maw to be devoured alive was the merciful thing to do?)

After the adventures on Tatooine, Luke went back to Dagobah. Yoda told him that he required no further training. Boy, that was fast! In the prequels, we learned that it took years, if not decades of training to become a Jedi. Luke had what, 3 or 4 weeks of training from Yoda, plus a day or two of training from Obi-Wan? He must have been a fast learner indeed! (How did Ben and Yoda expect him to be able to confront Vader and the Emperor after such a ridiculously short training period?)

Chewbacca was supposed to be an intelligent being, correct? The fact that, while on the Forest Moon, he tripped what had to be the most obvious trap in the universe really makes you wonder about that, though.

Toward the end of the movie, the Emperor kept trying to goad Luke into anger, and thus push him to the Dark Side. Okay. But under the circumstances, attempting to kill the Emperor was surely the right thing to do! There need have been no anger involved – killing this ruthless tyrant would have been doing the galaxy a big favor! And since when did Luke have qualms about killing? Luke had killed lots of people by this point – he had killed countless Stormtroopers, plus scores of Jabba’s henchmen, and he probably killed millions when he blew up the first Death Star. He hadn’t shown the slightest signs of regret about all those people he had killed, nor had he shown any sign of concern that all the killing would make him a bad person. So why was he suddenly worried that killing someone – a ruthless and evil tyrant no less – would drive him to the Dark Side?

Why did Vader prevent Luke from killing the Emperor? Vader told Luke in The Empire Strikes Back that together they could overthrow the Emperor and rule the galaxy as father and son. In the dvd commentary, George Lucas claimed that Vader had been perfectly serious – that he genuinely wanted to get rid of the Emperor and take his place. So why not let Luke kill the Emperor? If the Emperor was correct in his claim that Luke would immediately have gone over to the Dark Side in killing him, this would be a win-win situation for Vader. All he had to do was let Luke complete that saber swing and Luke would have turned to the Dark Side and thus been available as an apprentice, and the Emperor would have been eliminated, leaving Vader in control of the Empire. Maybe there were still a few secret Dark Side skills that the Emperor had promised to “eventually” teach to Vader, and Vader wanted to learn those before the Emperor died – but if he hadn’t gotten around to teaching them to Vader in some 20 years’ time, what made Vader think he’d ever do it?

After defeating Vader, Luke threw away his lightsaber to demonstrate his refusal to give in to anger and join the Dark Side. It was a very dramatic gesture, I suppose, but I don’t believe it. Even if Luke fully intended to die right then and there, you’d think his attachment to his saber would make it impossible for him to throw it away like that. A warrior's life depends on the proper functioning of his weapons. Consequently, warriors tend to become quite attached to their weapons. Granted, Luke could always have made a replacement lightsaber, but it nonetheless seems out of character for him to treat his weapon so disrespectfully and throw it away like that.


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