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Today 03:57 AM
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Both good reasons, and it doesn't disappoint on those counts. I reckon the writing is sharper than Gilmore Girls - which is saying something - and Rachel Brosnahan delivers. (244 views, 8 replies)
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Today 02:31 AM
Good King Trump
I dunno- these new logos seem to be just the right fit for that flight crew http://www.freethought-forum.com/forum/gallery/files/2/0/6/8/5b73063b200000430034 a592.jpg (179,612 views, 2,557 replies)
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Kamilah Hauptmann
Today 01:30 AM
Canadian plates and a Confederate Battle Flag seems a bizarre combination. (1,704,303 views, 17,975 replies)
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Kamilah Hauptmann
Yesterday 09:57 PM
Is this Star Wars nerd-rage worthy?
Disney in negotiations to purchase false sense of ownership from Star Wars fans - The Beaverton (57,909 views, 387 replies)
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The Man
Yesterday 07:33 PM
BREAKING: Sometimes Famous People Die
A particular favourite of mine: Elton John's "Border Song" - Aretha Franklin 1970 (With Lyrics!) - YouTube She managed to improve upon an (already great) Elton John original, which is no mean... (134,884 views, 943 replies)
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Yesterday 02:28 PM
More cute (overload!)
trash pandas playing with bubbles (505,341 views, 3,813 replies)
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Yesterday 01:47 PM
Bend Over, Facebook is Back
I still have my Facebook account but 99% of the times I use it is when it reminds me to say "Happy Birthday" to someone or there is a post in my family's private group. I disabled the "platform" a... (116,017 views, 762 replies)

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